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  If you go to a fast food restaurant, you will probably see a lot of teenagers. Today, many teenagers are overweight, and this is because of their bad eating habits. Most teenagers are keen about food with a lot of fat, oil, salt and sugar. People call this kind of food "junk food"。

  But bad eating habits go beyond fast food. We find many teenagers eat unhealthily. Some don't have breakfast before they go to school. During the day, some don't have a proper meal for lunch. In a recent survey at one school, scientists found that over two thirds of the students didn't follow a healthy diet. They didn't like vegetables, and many of them didn't like to eat fruits. They preferred to eat food with a lot of salt, sugar, or fat。

  Parents today also worry about their children's diet. Some doctors give the following advice:

  Teenagers shouldn't eat too much junk food。

  Teenagers shouldn't eat food with too much salt. Salt can cause high blood pressure in the future。

  Teenagers should eat food without much fat, oil and sugar。

  Teenagers need to eat some fruits and vegetables every day. Fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins维生素and have little fat。

  Teenagers need to drink more milk. Milk will help their bones grow。

  Teenagers need to eat breakfast every day. It is good for their body and mind。

  56. How many pieces of advice are given by the doctors in the passage?

  A. Five B. Eight C. Six D. Seven

  57. The underlined phrase "are keen about" in the passage means______________。

  A. dislike B. love C. hate D. refuse

  58. Which of the following is NOT WRONG?

  A. Today all teenagers are overweight。

  B. Scientists found two thirds of the students didn't have a healthy diet。

  C. Parents are worried about their children's diet today。

  D. Milk, fruits and vegetables are not good for children。

  59. It's right to ___________ according to the passage。

  A. eat junk food

  B. eat food with too much salt

  C. drink milk and eat junk food often

  D. eat vegetables that are rich in vitamins

  60. The main purpose of the passage is to tell the children____________。

  A. how to keep a healthy diet

  B. to eat fruits and vegetables

  C. how to have a proper meal for lunch

  D. not to eat junk food


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