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  A few years ago, Dave Stirling had the idea of selling CDs over the Internet. The business he started from his home in Ohio, the USA, now sells 500,000 CDs a year and has made him into a millionaire百万富翁at the age of 24.

  "I could see that this was the future of shopping," says Stirling. "Why should you pay $15 for a CD and spend the time and the money getting into the store and parking your car? You can have the same CD for half of the price by clicking敲击on your computer. And we can find any CD you want and bring it to your door in 24 hours!"

  According to Stirling, this is the only beginning, "I believe that one day we'll do our shopping over the net: it's easier, quicker and cheaper. Shops and supermarkets will be the past."

  46. Dave Stiring started his business from______。

  A. his home B. his company C. the office D. the country

  47. How has Stirling become so rich?

  A. By making ice cream. B. By making advertisements。

  C. By selling ideas to others. D. By selling CDs over the Internet。

  48. If you pay $15 for a CD in the store, how much should you pay for it over the net?

  A.$15. B.$12. C.$7.5. D.$30.

  49. By shopping over the net, you won't_____。

  A. spend the time and the money B. drive your car any more

  C. click on your computer D. get into the store by yourself

  50. What can we learn from the passage?

  A. More than half of the Americans prefer to shop over the net。

  B. Shops and supermarkets will be the past in the future。

  C. Some people don't like to go shopping over the Internet。

  D. It's easier, quicker and more expensive to do our shopping over the net。

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